Meet the Team

Kate Taylor

Communications & Growth Strategist

Kate is a full-time Digital and Social Strategist and part-time wanderluster. As a girl who always has a trip penciled in her calendar, she makes a perfect fit as our Communications and Growth Strategist here at The Girls Trip! She implements digital acquisition strategies that empower women like you to join our tribe of girls so you can experience curated travel that is authentic, luxurious, and affordable.


Istiana Bestari

Creative Storyteller

Ever since graduating from University, Istiana has always been her own boss. As a creative, she runs her own media company, Lilac Media Group, as well as being a content creator for her travel-focused YouTube channel. Istiana is passionate about creating opportunities for women to connect and learn from one another which is why she founded an all-female community in Toronto called Monday Girl.

Sam (1).jpg

Sam Laliberte

Manager of Vibes

Sam is a Freelancer and Host of the Freedom Lifestyle podcast series. After spending years jumping between self-employment and working 9-5s, Sam is now following her dream of working from her laptop, traveling the world, and empowering other women who want to do the same. In 2019, Sam will join The Girls Trip as our Manager of Vibes, traveling to Tulum, Morocco, and other sought after destinations with groups of inspiring women.


Meghan Kraft

Manager of Vibes

Meghan is a dedicated, creative, and innovative Entrepreneur and master side-hustler. She is a Producer at Mix Toronto, Designer of Chai Atelier, Artist at Greenwood Stakes and now a Manager of Vibes at the Girls Trip! In her spare time, you can find her tripping all over the world including Bali and Morocco in 2019 with our tribe of girls.