How it Works

STEP 1: Choose a trip, girl! In 2019, we are hitting up Bali, Tulum, Peru & Morocco.


STEP 2: Fill out the sign up sheet located on the Trips webpage. The sign up sheet allows us to get to know you a little!

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STEP 3: Patiently wait to hear back from our team. Within 48 hours, a member of our team will follow up with a detailed email in regards to the trip and help facilitate any questions and help you with onboarding.


STEP 4: Make your payment! Payments are based on the number of months left until we depart for the trip, you simply divide the total cost by the number of months left until departure and voila! This is done to make the trip more affordable for you but if you wish to pay in full right away, you can!


STEP 5: You will receive a regular monthly invoice from our finance team to help you stay up to date with all payments.

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STEP 6: You will be assigned a personal concierge to help make your dream vacay come true. Your PC (Personal Concierge) will regularly be in touch to give you exciting updates about your trip and constantly help you with anything you may need. Expect a curated Welcome Package and an invite to a private Facebook Group to meet the rest of your travel tribe!


STEP 7: Pack your bags girl! It's time to take a trip of a lifetime!