Our Story

Hi Ladies!

If you have landed here then we know you’re a curious one and want to know why we started this company.

We are Huda and Sana. Sisters, friends, and now business partners and together we started The Girls Trip so we could empower more women to travel and experience the world.

Over the past few years, our influencer status has opened up so many new experiences and travel opportunities, the kind of ultra-high-end curated stuff, that’s pretty much impossible to recreate with your friends (without an unlimited budget). We have also had the opportunity to travel with our girlfriends, husbands, and families.

We realized that solo travel was something that we never had the opportunity to explore, mainly due to our cultural backgrounds and boundaries being women.


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We quickly realized that travel was not only an essential part of our lives but it also acted as one of our core pillars to living a life filled with purpose and meaning. The Girls Trip was an idea sparked over months of conversations around solo travel, financial accessibility, and having the right group of friends to travel with.

In April of 2018, we decided to take the plunge. We were going to make travel affordable and accessible for women everywhere!

Our company is founded on the mission to solve any barriers women face when travelling in three simple steps:

  • Payment plans: No interest, no bullsh*t. Just a monthly payment plan that makes curated travel financially accessible.

  • Curated experiences: Meticulously planned details, and a kick-ass trip leader at the helm meaning more action and less stress.

  • A community of women: Group deposits and waiting for others to commit is over. We bring the girl gang so you don’t have to.

Ready to stop scrolling through your dream trips and actually take one?

Pack your bags and let go of the fear, girl, we got you!